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Videos Relating to Theosophical Society

Joy Mills

The Secret Doctrine seminar given by Joy Mills at the Krotona School of Theosophy in 1988.


CW Leadbeater, A Besant and J Krishnamurti video from around 1920

Recently discovered rare footage of C W Leadbeater, Annie Besant and Krishnamurti, part of a film believed to be from the mid-1920`s before the disbandonment of The Order of the Star, found in the archives of The International Theosophical Centre, Naarden, Netherlands.

Many thanks to the ITC for sharing this unique footage.

 Mr Vicente Hao Chin

2014 International Convention

Title: ‘A Vision to Go Mainstream’

Speaker: Mr Vicente Hao Chin, Jr., Former General Secretary, Philippine Section, The Theosophical Society


Important Principles of the Esoteric Philosophy - a 6 part webinar with Pablo Sender

This 7-part series is based on the book “Deity, Cosmos and Man” by Geoffrey Farthing. At Home with Theosophy is a webinar program presented by Pablo Sender for the study and discussion of classical Theosophical books.

The Dharma of the Theosophical Society by Linda Oliveria

A presention by Linda Oliveira:  The word ‘dharma’ is rich and profound suggesting, among other things, an ideal state which contains within it the

Getting to the Heart of the Matter by Dorothy Bell

Dorothy Bell explores in context of the theme of the Conference, Exploring the Why of Theosophy, it is timely to review the ‘teaching of the teachings’, the instructional methods of the late 19th century that the Society adopted in its beginnings – which were of its time and

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