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E-Books by Manly P Hall

Wisdom of the Knowing Ones

Manly P Hall's Wisdom of the Knowing Ones examines the relationship of Gnostic mysticism to the inner teaching of Plat, Valentinus, Basildon, and its spiritual flowering in ancient Alexandria. If any group which shared in the Christian mystery possessed the esoteric secrets of the early Church, it was the Gnostics, preserving to the end the highest ethical and rational standards. The early…

Orders of the Quest of The Holy Grail

The legends of chivalry are veiled accounts of man’s eternal search for truth. These beautiful stories are part of an orderly tradition, unfolding through the centuries and bearing witness to a well-organized program. Like the myths of classical antiquity, the hero tales are sacred rituals belonging to secret Fraternities perpetuating the esoteric doctrines of antiquity.

Atlantis - An Interpretaton

The most famous of all accounts describing the condition of Atlantis and the causes for its destruction are to be found in the Critias and Timaeus of Plato. Most modern books dealing with the problem of Atlantis are built upon Plato’s description. The integrity and learning of this great philosopher can not easily be assailed. Had it not been for the weight of Plato’s authority, the whole…


The Secret Teachings of All Ages is a comprehensive esoteric encyclopedia. In this book Manly P. Hall has successfully distilled the essence of more arcane subjects than one would think possible.

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