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E-Books by Geoffrey Hodson

Mystical Christianity by Geoffrey Hodson

This small book has not been published before. Unfortunately there are three small chapters that have not been able to be found and so are missing. However as there is valuable information in it, it has been decided to make a book with what chapters are available.

Lord of the Five Rays

This booklet was found hand bound and was originally written as a talk. This inspiring work collates information already known  while introducing some new information about the Mahachohan - The Lord of the Five Rays.

The Inner Side of Church Worship bu G Hodson

One of the great questions of the day concerns the nature, validity, and usefulness of the Church as an institution. The whole position of the Church is being challenged by various advanced teachers and thinkers, and particularly by the members of the rising generation.

Thus Have I Heard

1929. Contents: The Spiritual Life; The Way of Release; The Spiritual Life Day by Day; Nine Important Points in the Spiritual Life; Self-Discipline; Meditation in the Heart; The Attainment of Spiritual Consciousness: The World -Teacher; The Nature of the Lord; Servants of the Lord, plus more.

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A study of the faculty of clairvoyance, its development and use, together with examples of clairvoyant research. Contents: Supernormal cognition; Clairvoyance as an Instrument of Scientific Research; Clairvoyant Diagnosis of Disease; Psychometry; Experimental Explorations of Levels of Consciousness; Study of Discarnate Life and Some Communications; Clairvoyance in Time; Psychic Powers, Their…

Kingdom of the Gods

The successful study of the subject of the Angelic Hosts restores to its essential monotheism every apparently polytheistic religion. At the heart of every great World Faith is the concept of an Absolute, Unknowable, Infinite and Unchanging Source and Foundation. From this, at regular intervals, emanates the potentiality of divine Ideation as the purest abstraction.

Holy Bible

This Theosophical classic explains how a literal reading of the Bible misses rich concealed meaning, how Biblical symbols encode esoteric truths, and how Christ's life can be seen as an initiatory journey.

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Book 1


This remarkable book, dictated to Geoffrey Hodson by the angel Bethelda, calls for a reawakening of the bond between humans and the angelic realm a return to days when angels walked among men and women and helped them with their chores and labors. Written in clear, sparkling prose, it opens a portal into the kingdom of the shining ones, and explains how angels and their minions have been…

Serpent Fire

Great value is to be found in this little pamphlet by Mr. Geoffrey Hodson, value in three categories. Firstly, not much information on Kundalini and its inherent awakening power has been openly given to the world, for there are infinite dangers in its misuse and misdirected development.


1929. The idea which Hodson wishes to expound upon in this booklet is that cooperation between angelic beings and men will play an important part in the development of the new race which is now appearing in the world, and that even now it is an actual possibility.


American Lectures


- The Rationale of Clairvoyance 

- Clairvoyance as an instrument of research

- The clairvoyant study of motherhood

Miracle of Birth

A fasinating clairvoyant study of prenatal life. 

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The Seven Human Temperaments

In the esoteric tradition, the number seven occurs frequently. The Seven Rays refer to seven different human temperaments. The author describes the characteristics of people in each of these rays, their strengths and weaknesses, ideals and methods. He also points out that most people show forth in daily life the characteristics of several rays. Ultimately, we must develop the qualities of all…

New Light on the problem of Disease

The Genesis of Disease; The Root Cause of Disease; Superphysical Causes and Their Antidotes; The Mechanism of Disease Karma; Latent Disease; Disease in the Subtle and Physical Bodies; and Motherhood and Health.

Through the Gateway of Death

This book discuss views on what happned at the moment of death and the diferent states of consciousness we find ourselves afterwards. It covers the astral plane and life in that condition and Devachan, Astral Shells, some wonderful poems on death and much more.

This is an information book that references H.P. Blavatsky, A. Besant, C. W. Leadbeater amongst others.


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