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Articles related to Consciousness

Clara Codd

THERE is a very interesting statement by Krishnaji in his Ojai and Sarobia talks for 1940. Someone had asked him to define the difference between awareness and introspection. His answer was very illuminating. There is a certain danger in watching thoughts and feelings. People have become nervous wrecks trying to do that. Perhaps the Master's advice to C. W. Leadbeater to " forget yourself, but…

N Sri Ram

Each man is a continuing body of consciousness with a coat of matter which in a simple view  s his physical body.  I call it a body of consciousness because tt has its contents in a particular form which varies for each individual, and this is a continuing body, being modified every instant particularly, but never wholly until it is dissolved by death.

Sri Ram

Everything that is good, enlightening, that is calculated to alleviate another's trouble and inspire him with courage, every improvement of social, political and other conditions is part of evolution. But we must discover what is most worth doing by us, what we should especially aim at, because the needs of humanity are so very various.

G Hodson

he Egoic Centre and consciousness fill and use the whole head, and so one need not concern oneself about a precise location, even though the third ventricle is where the Higher Manas and so Intelligence and the "thought" aspect of the Ego are established. The aspirant may think of it as the "eye" of the Ego. Indeed, the whole matter of the Ego in the brain is of deep significance.

Elena Dovalsantos

Most of us have had the experience of hearing beautiful music that can make the heart take flight. We smile, sway, dance, or just close our eyes with a deep breath to take it all in. It is as if, in that moment of time, all is well, life is wonderful. The harmony from the composition engenders a feeling of harmony with all.


This fasinating artcle about Geoffey de Purucker is found in "The High Country Theosophist" 1991, Boulder, Colorado.

Read it here


Mind is a name given to the sum of the states of Consciousness grouped under Thought, Will, and Feeling. During deep sleep, ideation ceases on the physical plane, and memory is in abeyance; thus for the time-being “Mind is not,” because the organ, through which the Ego manifests ideation and memory on the material plane, has temporarily ceased to function.


The life of even the most ordinary person, which may seem very uneventful, is actually full of experiences on many levels. While we are focused on the daily business of living, we are at the same time involved in a whole complex of interactions between physical processes, feelings and thoughts. Though we may not pay much attention to these interactions, they constantly influence our behavior,…

What Is Consciousness? by Richard Smoley

One of the most basic and yet most elusive teachings of Theosophy is that consciousness is everywhere. Everything in the Universe, through all its kingdoms, is conscious: i.e., endowed with a consciousness of its own kind and on its own plane of perception. . . . There is no such thing as either dead or blind matter, as there is no Blind or Unconscious Law.(Secret Doctrine, I, 274).

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