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E-Books by C Jinarajadasa

Golden Book of TS

A brief history of the Society's growth from 1875 - 1925


Further interesting information about the Mahatma Letters with fill-in background and quotes from letters.  A large number of personages are mentioned from H.P Blavatsky, Col Olcott, A P Sinnett, Mary Neff, Annie Besant, CW Leadbeater, AT Barker, Eliphas Levi, Subba Row, C Jinarajadasa and of course a number of Masters of the Wisdom.



This is certainly the most important Letter ever received from the Adept Teachers, as it is a communication from the Maha Chohan (" to whose insight the future lies like an open page " —K. H., Letter 16, Letters from the Masters of the Wisdom, First Series), one of the three great Adepts who form the " Triangle " of the Great Hierarchy. As the introductory note from the Master K.H. to Mr.

Theosophy and Modern Thought

For Lectures delivered at the Thirty-ninth Annual Convention of the TheosophicaL Society, held at Adyar, Madra December 1914

The Seven Veils over Consciousness

This thesis contains many statements which by their very nature cannot be proved. Nevertheless, I consider it is my most original contribution to Theosophical knowledge. I realize that very few will understand it, but I desire to put it on record as what I have thought and lived for over forty years.

The Nature of Mysticism

THERE is a saying of the ancient Greeks that Wonders are many and nothing is more wonderful than man and this thought has been worked out in many a philosophy tp reveal to man that the highest elements of manhood are of the nature of God, while the dearest elements of the Godhead are of the nature of man.

Abul Dazel and Akbar published by C Jinarajadasa

T H E chief value of this brief monograph-an a ddress delivered to the Islamic Culture Society of Madras-lies in its quotations. As a necklet of gems requires a thread to bind them, so has my enthusiasm for Abul Fazl and Akbar become as a thread on which are strung the many extracts from Abul Fazl, Badaoni and others.


Contents: Evolution of Life and Form; Rise and Fall of Civilizations; Laws of Reincarnation; Law of Karma; Invisible Worlds; Man in Life and Death; Evolution of Animals; Work of the Triple Logos; Kingdoms of Life; Evolution of Matter and Force; Evolution of Life; Nature's Message of Beauty; Consciousness; Inner Governments of the World; Path of Discipleship; God's Plan…

ebook - Occult Investigations

1938. A description of the work of Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater on clairvoyance, occult chemistry, past lives, astral plane, clairvoyant magnification and many other occult topics. Contains distinct pictures of several individuals studied, the author, Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater.

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early teachings

"When these letters were received by Messrs. Sinnett and Hume, copies were sent by order of the Master K.H. To H.P.B. And Damodar Mavlankar. Often extracts from them were sent to C.C. Massey inLondon, and others. Slowly as the months passed, an accumulation arose of these communications. It is from these original letters received


Transcribed and complied by C. Jinarajadasa. Introduction by Annie Besant, President of the Theosophical Society.

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Ebook - How We Remember Our Past Lives by C. Jinarajadsa

How many times have you lived? Maybe you lived in ancient Egypt, or in the 1800's or even the 1930's or 40's? But how do we remember our past lives?

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