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Luxor, Brotherhood Of

The Egyptian branch of the Adept Brotherhood, to whom belong several known Adepts: Serapis Bey (Ellora Section), Polidorus Isurenus (Solomon Section), Robert More (Zoroaster Section), and Tuitit Bey.

This Brotherhood must not be confused with “The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor,” a spurious organization involving Peter Davidson in the U.S.A, and several others. In 1875, shortly before the formation of the Theosophical Society (TS), Henry S. Olcott wrote a circular discussing the shortcomings of the Spiritualist Movement in America and supporting the periodical Spiritual Scientist. He proposed to send a copy to the editor of that publication, but before doing so showed it to Helena P. Blavatsky who stated that Olcott had written it under the guidance of members of a certain brotherhood. Blavatsky pointed out that the initial letters of each paragraph spelled the name of an Egyptian adept, Tuitit, under whose orders Olcott said he had been studying and working. Blavatsky suggested that Olcott should sign the circular: “For the Committee of Seven, Brotherhood of Luxor.” This appears to be the first mention of this Order.

The publication of the existence of The Brotherhood of Luxor resulted in a few confidence tricksters using the knowledge to extract money from gullible members of the public.

In October 1875, Blavatsky had an article published in the Spiritual Scientist in which she claimed to be a member of The Brotherhood of Luxor. Mention is also made of the Brotherhood in Geoffrey Hodson’s book, Light of the Sanctuary (TPH, Manila, 1988.)


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