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Tuitit Bey

One of the high adepts who belonged to the Egyptian Section of the Adept Brotherhood (Brotherhood of Luxor) and who was deeply involved in the birth of the Theosophical Society (TS). It was apparently this Adept who gave the order to Helena P. Blavatsky to form the “Miracle Club” which included Elbridge Gerry Brown, then editor of the Spiritual Scientist, a spiritualist publication. The initial efforts to establish the Theosophical Movement was apparently under the supervision of the Egyptian Adepts.

In April, 1875, Col. Henry Steel Olcott personally made a circular called “Important to Spiritualists,” to be published in the Spiritual Scientist in Boston. When he consulted H. P. Blavatsky on whether he should send it out anonymously or under his name, HPB said that it should be signed “For the Committee of Seven, Brotherhood of Luxor.” When she later read the circular, she pointed out that the first letters of the six paragraphs that he wrote spelled TUITIT, which surprised and deeply impressed Olcott. He stated that “I wrote every word of this circular myself, alone corrected the printer’s proofs . . . nobody dictated a word that I should say, nor interpolated any words or sentences, nor controlled my action in any visible way” (Old Diary Leaves, Vol. I, pp. 74-5). See ADEPTS.


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