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Videos about Near-Death Experience

Amy Call - My NDE Showed Me There Is Order In [Apparent] Chaos

My NDE Showed Me There is Order in [Apparent] Chaos -- Amy Call, 2014 IANDS Conference

Videos of 10 Near Death Experiences

10 stories of people having supernatural experiences after dying and then coming back to life.

video of Life Beyond The Grave

A lawyer died during surgery & experienced death, heaven & back to life changed completely This is a wonderful experience that we all need. Thru his near-death experience, he has changed his attitude toward his life including toward his wife and kids. He also learned that his career was not everything in life but found at peace from God.

Video of Near Death Experience Witnessed By Medical Professionals

This is by far one of the most incredible stories I've covered; mainly because medical professionals who witnessed the event were willing to speak on camera. Even if you don't believe in NDE's this mans survival after having no heartbeat for 45 minutes is nothing short of remarkable

Video of Eben Alexander: A Neurosurgeon's Journey Through The Afterlife

In this intimate and powerful re-examination of his best-selling book "Proof of Heaven," Dr. Alexander looks at the past two and a half years of his life spent in trying to reconcile his rich spiritual experience with contemporary physics and cosmology. He is convinced that his remarkable near-death journey is totally consistent with the leading edges of scientific understanding today.

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