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5. Karma

Humanity is continually sending out forces on all the planes on which he or she functions; these forces – themselves in quantity and quality the effects of his or her past activities — are causes which he sets going in each world he inhabits; they bring about certain definite effects both on him or herself and on others, and as these causes radiate forth as centre over the whole field of his or her activity, we are thus responsible for the results they bring about. As a magnet has its “magnetic field,” an area within which all its forces play, larger or smaller according to its strength, so has every man and women a field of influence within which play the forces they emit, and these forces work in curves that return to their forth- sender, that re-enter the centre whence they emerged.


As the subject is a very complicated one, we will subdivide it, and then study the
subdivisions one by one.


Course notes on Karma can be downloaded <from here>