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The Seven Rays is a concept related to the Septenary Principle of manifestation of the universe. In The Secret Doctrine, the seven rays refer to the seven Primordial beings that appear on the highest plane of manifestation, in whom are the seeds for everything in the universe.


It was in The Secret Doctrine of Н. P. Blavatsky that the modern world was first presented with the phrase “The Seven Rays.” It went along with a statement that all things and beings in the world—all forms of mind and matter—arose from combinations of seven fundamental impulses. It was maintained that the substance or basis of the whole world—objective and subjective—is “spiritual,” which…

The Seven Human Temperaments

In the esoteric tradition, the number seven occurs frequently. The Seven Rays refer to seven different human temperaments. The author describes the characteristics of people in each of these rays, their strengths and weaknesses, ideals and methods. He also points out that most people show forth in daily life the characteristics of several rays. Ultimately, we must develop the qualities of all…

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