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Life is like a plant that contains not only that which is visible to the eye, but also a future condition concealed within its secret depths. He who has before him a plant that is just in leaf, is well aware that later on blossoms and fruit will be added to the leaf-bearing stem. The germs of these blossoms and fruit are already concealed within the plant. But it is impossible for one who…

Theosophy - R Steiner

An Introduction to the Spiritual Processes in Human Life and in the Cosmos.

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Christianity as Mystical Fact by R Steiner

This volume is a translation of Das Christentum als mystische Tatsache und die Mysterien des Altertums (Vol. 8 in the Bibliographic Survey) published by Rudolf Steiner Verlag, Dornach, Switzerland.

(1861-1925). Founder of the Anthroposophical Society and at one time General Secretary of the Theosophical Society (TS) in Germany. Steiner was born in Kraljevic, Upper Austria on February 27, 1861.


The unfinished autobiography of Rudolf Steiner, in which the context of his life with the emergence of anthroposophy is visible.

Road to self knowledge

This book is an "amplification" of the book entitled Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and Its Attainment. It consists of eight "meditations." The eight topics treated are: The Physical Body, The Etheric Body, Clairvoyant Cognition of the Elemental World, The Guardian of the Threshold, The Astral Body, The Ego Body or Thought Body, The Character of Experience in the Supersensible Worlds, and The…


This book, written in 1894, is a fundamental treatment of Steiner's philosophical outlook. Together with Truth and Science and The Riddles of Philosophy it might be considered as one third of a philosophical trilogy. The emphasis of the book is not on “freedom” as ordinarily understood, but is on “freiheit” or what might be termed freeness.


At the beginning of the twentieth century, he founded a spiritual movement, anthroposophy, with roots in German idealist philosophy and theosophy; other influences include Goethean science and Rosicrucianism. The first English version of ‘The Way of Initiation’ first appeared in print in 1904 as two volumes.


Steiner reveals here the deep spiritual connection of our modern epoch with Egypt and why it is important to study its civilization with its profound wisdom, its extraordinary knowledge of cosmic laws, and its myths, which are meaningful for us now.


"It is not a question of merely making certain communications. Presenting them in a manner consistent with a conscientious view of the corresponding plane of life is the real challenge. This is the plane where the loftiest ambitions are often handled poorly, and where knowledge and superstition can become confused one with the other."

Rudolf Steiner

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