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Geoffrey Hodson

OUR subject this evening can scarcely fail to be of the greatest interest and importance to every one of us; for who is there among us who has not been called upon to experience the pain of bereavement, who has not felt a desire to know where the loved ones have gone, to know something of the conditions of the life after death into which they have entered and upon which we must all embark when…

From Death to Rebirth

Pekka Ervast (1875–1934; P. E.) was a pioneer of the Finnish Theosophical movement, and he lectured, wrote books and journal articles on a multitude of Theosophical topics for almost forty years. In many of his lectures and writings, he discussed life after death from multiple points of view.

The Otherside of Death by CW Leadbeater

D E A T H is a subject which cannot but be of the deepest interest to every one, since the one thing which is absolutely certain in the future biography of all men alike is that one day they must die-still more since there is hardly an(J>ne, except the very young, from whose ken death has not already removed some dearly loved one.

Music Of The Spheres

The Music of the Spheres is an ancient Pythagorean concept, wherein Pythagoras was fascinated by the harmonics of a vibrating string on a Greek instrument-the lyre. He discovered an amazing correspondence between the order of musical intervals and the spacing of planets. For Pythagoras, there appeared to be a direct mathematical relationship between music's vibrational frequency and the…

Life After Death

Theosophy teaches that after a person dies, the Ego and its non-physical bodies undergo a process consisting of multiple stages before reincarnating. The process may be very brief (as in young children or cases of premature death) or it can be as long as 3,000 years. Theosophical literature, particularly the Mahatma Letters, has extensive teachings about the after-death states, some of which…

When We Die

The question of “What happens when we die?” is one which the vast majority of people have and especially so as their own life begins to draw to an end or when a family member or loved one dies.

There are of course many different and contradictory ideas, theories, opinions, beliefs, and teachings about what happens to a person after the death of their physical body. There are even some…

Death And The Afterlife
Q. I have always been afraid of death and dying. What will happen to me when I die, according to the teachings of Madame Blavatsky and the Masters presented in Theosophy? What did they say about it?
The Song of Freedom

I am not the body that has served me for so long.

I am the Spiritual Self of Light.



LIFE after DEATH Does EXIST: Scientists reveal Shock Findings from Groundbreaking Study.


Video discussing After Death States

A Brief Outline of the After Death States as Postulated by the Theosophical Teachings presented by Dave Marsland of Cardiff Theosophical Society.

What Happens When We Die - a video with Geoffrey Farthing

Theosophy UK What happens when we die. Thanks to Geoffrey Farthing and the Blavatsky Trust for the making of this film exploring the esoteric teachings of the after death states and processes preceding rebirth.

Brochure on life after death

Death can be seen as a positive experience, if it is not thought of as an ending.

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