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Keepers and Sharers of The Ancient Wisdom

Video: Keepers And Sharers Of The Ancient Wisdom by Victor Penaranda

The Theosophical Society has the unique role of being a responsible Keeper and Sharer of the Ageless Wisdom, especially during periods when civilizations are in decline, government institutions are in decay, or societies slide perilously into violence. By the preservation and public sharing of the sacred teachings, they are enriched by contemporary experience and become relevant to the lives of entire communities, as modern Theosophy.  

Victor  Peñaranda is trustee and Vice President of the Theosophical Society in the Philippines and coordinates the Section’s lodge development and training activities.  He is also an experienced trainer-facilitator of the Self-Transformation Seminar.  Victor has worked as a journalist and as a capacity-builder on community development and governance in the Philippines, the Kingdom of Bhutan and the Republic of Macedonia.  He has written and published three collections of poetry and he has just received the Nick Joaquin Poet of the Year Award in the Philippines.  Victor and his theosophist wife have three children.

A presentation at the Theosophical Society in New Zealand Convention in 2016.