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Vice-Presidents of The Theosophical Society

The following is the list of International Vice Presidents of the Theosophical Society (TS) since its founding:

1875-1877 S. Pancoast, M.D.; G. H. Felt
1877-1880 Alexander Wilder; J. A. Weisse
1888-1895 W. Q. Judge
1895-1907 A. P. Sinnett
1907-1911 S. Subramanya Iyer
1911-1921 A. P. Sinnett
1921-1928 C. Jinarajadasa
1928-1934 A. P. Warrington
1934 G. S. Arundale (pro tem.)
1934-1941 Hirendra Nath Datta
1942-1945 N. Sri Ram
1946-1960 Sidney A. Cook
1961-1974 James S. Perkins
1975-1979 Joy Mills
1980-1995 Surendra Narayan
1996-2001 Mary Anderson
2002-2008 John Algeo
2009-2011 Linda Oliveira
2017 -  Dr Deepa Padhi

|1881-1888 |Rt. Rev H. Sumangala; A. O. Hume; H. H. Daji Raja Chandra Singhjee; Raja Shyama Shankar Roy; Abner Doubleday;Rao Bahadur Gopalroa Hari Deshmukh; A. P. Sinnett; Adityaram Bhattacharya;C. C. Massey; Camille Flammarion; Alexandre Aksakof; David E. Dudley, M.D.; Pasquale Menelao; Jules Denis du Petit*

  • The large number of V.P.’s appointed at this time was probably due to an effort to improve the public relations and many of them were perhaps little more than patrons.

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