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Solar Logos

The deity that governs an entire solar system, of which the Sun is the outermost manifestation. This view has been espoused by many ancient teachings such as those of Hermeticism, Philolaus the Pythagorean, the Kabbalah, the Gnostics, and Julian the Apostate. It is also found in the writings of modern theosophists, especially the writers after the death of Helena P. BLAVATSKY. The Solar Logos has been equated with Ishvara or God of our system. The perceived divinity of the Sun has also been the basis of the various forms of sun-worship among the Persians, Indians, Greeks, Mayans and other ancient cultures (see SUN).

In discussing the Gnostic view that the God Ildabaoth is said to be inferior to Anthropos and the Son of Anthropos, Blavatsky states that “This is a good proof that there were three Logoi (besides the Seven born of the First), one of these being the Solar Logos” (SD I:449). In another place, she quotes Philolaus the Pythagorean who speaks of the physical Sun as a “mirror of fire,” and she adds that “Philolaus referred to the central spiritual Sun, whose beams and effulgence are only mirrored by our central Star, the Sun. This is as clear to the Occultists as it was to the Pythagoreans. As for the profane of pagan antiquity, it was, of course, the physical Sun that was the ‘highest God’ for them” (CW XIV:223). Blavatsky regarded the teachings regarding the spiritual Sun as mysteries that are withheld from the profane. This teaching was given out by Julian the Apostate, who was the Roman Emperor from 361-3, for which reason, according to Blavatsky, “the hitherto protecting hand was withdrawn from him” and he died a violent death in accordance with his karma. Julian taught the Trinity of the Sun, “the first is the universal cause of all, Sovereign Good and perfection; the Second Power is paramount intelligence, having dominion over all reasonable beings . . .; the third is the visible Sun” (CW XIV:223). Blavatsky further explains that The pure energy of solar intelligence proceeds from the luminous seat occupied by our Sun in the center of heaven, that pure energy being the Logos of our system; the “Mysterious Word-Spirit produces all through the Sun, and never operates through any other medium,” says Hermes Trismegistus. “For it is in the Sun, more than in any other heavenly body that the [unknown] Power placed the seat of its habitation.” (CW XIV:223) Later theosophical writers such as Gottfried de PURUCKER, Annie BESANT, Charles W. LEADBEATER, Curuppumullage JINARĀJADĀSA, Geoffrey HODSON and Alice BAILEY, wrote quite extensively on this subject. Leadbeater wrote that the Solar Logos represents what is meant by the title God. It has three aspects (the first, second and the third Logoi), and contains the seven planetary Logoi which are centers of forces or channels through which the forces of the Solar Logos flow out. From the Christian point of view, the three Logoi are equated with the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.


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