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Smith, Ernest Lester

(1904-1992) Research chemist and worker for the Theosophical Society. Smith was born August 7, 1904, in Teddington, England. His parents, Lester Davies and Rose Annie Smith Davies were both theosophists. Smith attended Chelsea Polytechnic and was awarded a First Class Honours Degree in Chemistry in 1925 and D. Sc in 1933. He married Winifred Finch in 1931.

Smith spent the whole of his professional life with Glaxo Laboratories and it was there that his work on and isolation of vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) resulted in his being made a Fellow of the Royal Society in March 1957.

Smith joined the Theosophical Society, Adyar, on October 8, 1928, and remained a member until his death November 5, 1992. He was a founding member of the Science Group of the Theosophical Research Center for which he wrote many papers. He was awarded the Subba Row Medal in 1967.

Publications include:

Intelligence Came First; Occult Chemistry Re-Evaluated; Our Last Adventure; Inner Adventures.

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