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(234c-305). Neo-Platonist philosopher who is noted for editing Plotinus’ works and writing Plotinus’ biography. He was born either at Tyre or Batanaea in Palestine. He studied under the scholar Cassius Longinus at Athens and in the year 262/263 went to Rome and attached himself to Plotinus, remaining with him for five years. Due to illness, Porphyry had to retire to a less exacting life, but Plotinus had made him his literary executor and at the age of 68 he produced his most important work, an edition of the writings of Plotinus, the Enneads, including a biography of his master.

Helena P. Blavatsky wrote of Porphyry as a “. . . natural-born mystic, he followed, as did his master Plotinus, the pure Indian R€j-Yoga training, which leads to the union of the Soul with the Over-Soul or Higher Self. He complains, however, that . . . he did not reach this state of ecstasy before he was sixty, while Plotinus was proficient in it” (TG, p. 257).


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