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Poushkine, Barbara

(née Princess Galitzine) (d. 1931). Prominent member of the Theosophical Society (TS) in Russia and associate of Anna KAMENSKY. As a girl Princess Galitzine studied at the Smolny Institute of which her mother was Directrice and later she distinguished herself as a brilliant pupil of the Musical Conservatoire of Petrograd. She married Senator Poushkine and had three children, who, during World War I were educated at St. Chrisopher’s School, Letchworth. Poushkine joined the TS in Russia in 1908 and in 1912 she became the representative of the Order of the Star in the East in Russia and from that time she became a devoted follower of J. KRISHNAMURTI, translating a great deal of Krishnamurti material into Russian and furthering the Krishnamurti movement by every means within her power.

During the War she experienced great privation. Entering a hospital in Tsarskoë as a nurse, she later came under the ban of the Revolution as a theosophist and, with two other members, fled by night through forest and across the border to freedom. After a short time in London, Poushkine moved to Paris where she established a vegetarian restaurant and continued to contribute to the spread of Krishnamurti’s teachings. She died in Paris on December 28, 1931.


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