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The process of being a conscious agent of a spiritually superior being, such as an Adept. The term is distinguished from Mediumship, wherein the individual is usually unconscious and unknowingly becomes an instrument of invisible entities. Mediatorship is the common mode of interaction between an Adept and a chela or pupil. It is done always with the consent of the agent. Thus a mediator is usually a highly evolved spiritual soul who has the capacity to act on behalf of an Adept and through whom many phenomena may be performed. Helena P. Blavatsky cites Appolonius of Tyana, Plotinus and Iamblichus as examples of mediators.

Blavatsky however, states that this lofty power may also fall into evil ways. “Such persons are temples in which dwells the spirit of the living God; but if the temple is defiled by the admission of an evil passion, thought or desire, the mediator falls into the sphere of sorcery. The door is opened; the pure spirits retire and the evil ones rush in. This is still mediatorship, evil as it is; the sorcerer, like the pure magician, forms his own aura and subjects to his will congenial inferior spirits” (IU I:487).\


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