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Lucis Trust

The Lucis Trust was founded in 1922 by Alice Bailey and Foster Bailey, with the sole intention of serving humanity and the Hierarchy by helping to build right human relations. The aim has never been to create a large and powerful organization, but rather to sponsor a range of activities that would help to build soul qualities into the life and consciousness of humanity. All activities are conducted without charge and the Trust is based on the principle that if its work is of value the money needed will be made available through donations. In 1989 the Lucis Trust was placed on the roster of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

The subjective heart of the work is to be found in an esoteric school, the Arcane School, which provides training for discipleship living. Students are drawn from all parts of the world and they work in many languages. The School involves daily work in occult meditation; study of esoteric philosophy and the problems of humanity with regular written papers; and students are required to develop a life of self-initiated service. The work is done by correspondence, courses are sequential and they last for many years.

Triangles is an activity of prayer and meditation with a deep esoteric significance yet with a simplicity that appeals to a broad spectrum of people. Followers of different spiritual paths work together subjectively to radiate energies of light and goodwill into human consciousness. Three people form a triangle. They link in thought each day, visualize their lighted triangle as part of the global network of tens of thousands of triangles and use the Great Invocation, a world prayer.

World Goodwill is primarily an educational activity that aims to mobilize the energy of goodwill; to educate the public on the subjective causes of the problems facing humanity; and to promote recognition of the fact of the Divine Plan, the existence of the Spiritual Hierarchy, the importance of the work of the group of all men and women who love and serve humanity, and the imminent reappearance of the Christ.

Local meditation meetings for world service at the time of the full moon are held by co-workers throughout the world. At the time of the new moon, an increasing number of groups arrange events, incorporating meditation, to strengthen the hands of all who are serving to build the new humanity.

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