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Iyer (Aiyer), Subramania

Subramania Iyer
     Subramania Iyer

(Sir) (d. 1925). (Also written as Subramanier.) Vice-President of the Theosophical Society from 1907 to 1911 and Recording Secretary 1905-1906. Judge of the High Court of Madura, India.

When Alfred P. Sinnett resigned as Vice-President in 1907, Annie Besant appointed Subramania Iyer to replace him. When Sinnett rejoined the TS in 1911, Iyer gave way to Sinnett so that the latter could serve again as Vice-President of the Society.

Iyer witnessed the phenomenal appearance of letters from the Mahatmas in the Shrine Room of Adyar and made a testimonial of the circumstances. The testimony is reprinted in The Mahatmas and Their Letters by G. Barborka (Adyar: TPH, 1973).

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