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Harris, Iverson Louis

(1890-1979). A worker for the Theosophical Society (TS) at Point Loma who served as secretary to Katherine TINGLEY. Harris was born at Macon, Georgia, U.S. on August 30, 1890. He was brought to the Theosophical Society at Point Loma by his father Iverson Harris Sr. in February 1899. Harris was one of the first pupils of the Raja-Yoga School which he first attended in 1900. The Point Loma community was his home until 1942 when the TS was forced to move, due to World War II and difficult economic times, to Covina, a few miles east of Los Angeles in California.

Harris was a most active worker for the Theosophical Society, Point Loma. While serving as Secretary to Tingley he accompanied her on her many tours from 1912 and later, during Gottfried de Purucker’s term of office, he was Secretary to the Theosophical University, and, after Joseph FUSSELL, he was Chairman of the Society’s Cabinet. In 1946 Harris, with his wife, Helen Plummer, left the Community due to differences of opinion with the administration. The couple moved first to San Gabriel, then Alambra and finally to Pacific Beach in San Diego County. In 1971 Harris organized Point Loma Publications based in San Diego, California.

Publications include: Theosophy Under FireKey to Theosophy (a miniature); Mme Blavatsky Defended; Booklets: The Wisdom of Lao Tse and The Wisdom of Confucius.


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