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Clarke, Russell Balfour

Russell Balfour Clarke
               Russell Balfour Clarke

(1885-1981). Clarke’s significant theosophical role was his involvement with the early years of J. KRISHNAMURTI’s training at ADYAR. Clarke was born in London in June 2, 1885, and was by profession an electrical engineer. After joining the Theosophical Society (TS) in India he moved to Kenya in Africa where he formed the “Occult Lodge” in 1907. This was the second lodge to be formed in that country. He arrived at Adyar in June 1909, before which he had worked as an engineer on various projects in India. He offered his services to the TS in his capacity as an engineer and supervised the first electrification of Adyar. Charles W. LEADBEATER soon appointed Clarke as supervisor of Krishnamurti’s strict training schedule and when, in 1910, the latter wrote his little book At the Feet of the Master (under the nom-de-plume, Alcyone), Clarke was present and testified that it was Krishnamurti’s unaided work. Later Clarke accompanied Krishnamurti on his travels to various parts of the world and the association only ceased when, in 1929, Krishnamurti severed all relationship with the TS.

After the departure of Krishnamurti Balfour-Clarke remained at Adyar and continued to be of assistance there in his capacity as engineer. He died in Adyar on November 12, 1981.


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