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Cahagnet, Louis Alphonse

(1805-1885). A prodigious author who was elected an Honorary Fellow of the Theosophical Society (TS) in October 1880 in recognition of his significant contribution to the study of what was then termed “Animal Magnetism.” Little is known about his history except that he had no academic qualification and was entirely self-taught, earning his living making chairs. At the time of his becoming a member of the TS he was living at Argenteuil in France.

Helena P. BLAVATSKY seems to have instigated Cahagnet’s election to the TS and she stated that it was desirable for the TS to be closely supportive of the Animal Magnetism research that was being carried out in France at that time (The Theosophist, February 1881, p. 104-106). Cahagnet carried out extensive investigations of “magnetism” employing clairvoyants and published a large number of works dealing with his research.

See also HYPNOSIS.

Publications include:

Guide du Magnétiseur, ou Procédes Magnétiques, Paris, 1849; Magie Magnéique, etc., Paris, 1854; Encyclopédie Magnétique Spiritualiste, Paris, 1854-52.