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Bax, Clifford

(1886-1962). A prolific playwright, poet, editor, essayist and theosophist. The Dictionary of Literary Biography states that, “Clifford Bax considered himself ‘an ardent theosophist’ at the age of twenty-three. His lifelong interest in the metaphysical is the basis for the common philosophical thread in much of his variegated output” (Vol. 100, p. 27).

Bax was born into an affluent London family on July 13, 1886, the third son of Arthur Ridley and Charlotte Ellen Lea Bax. His brother, Arnold Bax was a prolific composer of symphonies, chamber music and tone poems. Bax decided against university and instead studied art, hoping to devote his life to painting, but after ten months conceded that he was “unable to draw a pleasing line” (op. cit. p. 29). After a journey around the world he settled, in 1906, in London and commenced his literary labors which included numerous non-fiction works and plays. Of theosophical interest is his radio play, The Buddha: a Radio Version of His Life and Ideas (London: Gollancz, 1947). His voluminous output included some sixty books and many plays which were well received. Bax died November 18, 1962



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