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Aurobindo, Sri

(1872-1950). Indian spiritual leader and founder of the Pondicherry Ashram in South India. Born in Calcutta of Indian parents and educated in England from the age of seven, first by private tutor then at St. Paul’s School, London and King’s College, Cambridge. Aurobindo returned to India at twenty years of age and was appointed to the staff of Baroda College where he was in residence from 1893 until 1905. He actively engaged for three years in revolutionary activity in the earliest Indian nationalist movement promoting the withdrawal of the British from India. Aurobindo was imprisoned on a charge of sedition in 1908 for one year. On release he moved to Pondicherry where he devoted himself until his death in 1950 to the practice of yoga and writing many erudite works on philosophy, sociology, Indian culture and nationalism and also poetry, plays and other literature.

Pub. The Synthesis of Yoga, (Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust, 1976)



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