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Theosophy in 21st Century

Study Course on Theosophy in 21st Century

Many people are wondering the meaning of Life and the Universe. Theosophy is the essential knowledge about Life that has been expressed by remarkable people in different times and cultures. Helena Blavatsky rediscovered this perennial tradition for the general culture at the end of the 19th century and since then many thinkers have discovered it, have made their own contributions and modern science corroborates and expands this vision.

This course of 12 sessions is aimed at those who want to systematically enter into the study and research of Theosophy, seeing its sources, its reflection in modern knowledge, discrepancies with common ideas, and especially the potential of Theosophy to transform our practical life and improve the world.


  1. What is Theosophy?
  2. Fundamental ideas of Theosophy
  3. The Unity of Life
  4. The Manifestation
  5. Who are we?
  6. The cyclical evolution
  7. Karma: the universal law of cause and effect
  8. The mind and beyond
  9. Symbolism and the esoteric tradition
  10. Theosophy through the ages
  11. The evolution
  12. The awakening of Consciousness

This course has been developed by the Spanish Section of the Theosophical Society and translated into English.  Below you can download either the English version of the course or the Spanish (which will soon appear in the Spanish section of the website).


This content is primarily useful for a group study course.

Once you download then UNZIP the file.


Updated documentation is available here


Folder: slides

It has the slides of each course chapter in pdf format. To view them in full screen with a pdf reader press F5. This may be different in each pdf reader application. If you can't find the shortcut for start the presentation in the reader

you can look for it on the reader menu bar. You can advance or go back slides with arrows keys.

Folder:  documents

The folder chapters contain the documentation of the course in pdf format, one file per chapter. They are in color and are good for Internet sharing, read on tablets or use in classes. They have slides and text. 

The file CTS21-2018_EN_full-color.pdf is the full course material in one pdf file in color. You can use it with computers or tablets.

If you want to print the material in black and white, you have a specific file for this purpose.

The file CTS21-2018_EN_full-BW.pdf is the full material of the course in black and white, recommended for printing.