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Action in the Instant Present - N. Sri Ram

N. Sri Ram

It is a strange fact that life exists only in that elusive moment which is the present, not in the past or in the future. The future is really a thought from the standpoint of -the present, and the past, even the event of the past instant, is only a memory. But in between is that intangible hardly discernible moment which we call the present. If the future and the past are depicted as two contiguous areas on a map and shaded differently, say dark and light, it is the line which divides the one from the other that constitutes the present. This line is so thin that it does not constitute any division of time at all. A line is like a point, it is dimensionless except as an extension. 


If life exists only in that moment which is like a dimension(less point, a nothing in terms of time, then life must exist from moment to moment; logically it cannot be otherwise. If it continues for two instants, the first instant becomes the past in relation to the second, and life does not exist in the -past. Life is an energy, obviously, but extraordinary and mysterious, and it does not come over from a past but arises in the ever-new but vanishing present. In itself it does not •ever carry a past.


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