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2. Planes of consciousness

Our personal Inner Nature, which we all have in common, is something we need to understand if we are serious about kinship. The
common notion that a person is a physical body and has a soul might be better reversed. Thinking that the physical body is the real person is like mistaking a house for the person who lives inside it. Theosophy teaches that we are really the “monad” or inner unity, a
fragment of divinity, a spark of the divine flame, which, over time, lives in many houses.


A body is our interface with the environment around us. And in fact we have as many interfaces or bodies as we have environments.
In addition to the dense physical environment, we have environments of vital energy, feelings, thoughts, and intuitions. Our interface with each environment performs two functions. On the one hand, it is the channel through which we experience and influence that environment. On the other hand, the kind of interface we have with an environment also limits how much of that environment we can experience and respond to


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